How to become a LionDesk Affiliate - Referral program

With the LionDesk Referral Program, you can pass along instant savings to your friends and earn money for each person you refer.

Here's how it works: 

  • 10% cash back on the first year subscription purchases from the person you refer
  • Referral commission paid out monthly via PayPal
  • 10% off to your friend to apply towards their first subscription purchase by using your unique coupon code at checkout

How to invite someone from your LionDesk account: 

  1. Sign in to your LionDesk account 
  2. Click the Refer a Friend button in the navigation      
  3. Become an affiliate to generate your unique link and code 
  4. Share your link and code with your friend  


Once you’ve shared the link and code, the person you referred will need to complete these steps: 

  • Click the link you shared with them
  • Sign up for a free trial using your link (during the same visit)
  • Subscribe to a LionDesk paid plan (can use coupon code at checkout to save 10%)

How to Subscribe to a LionDesk Paid Plan 


Frequently Asked Questions 

Will I still get credit if someone clicks my link but doesn’t use my code? 

Yes, as long as they sign up directly after clicking your link.  The coupon code needs to be used in order for them to receive 10% off their subscription purchase. 

Do I get credit if someone signs up for a free trial through my link but doesn’t become a paid subscriber? 

No, this program only applies to paid subscribers.  

Can I share my link and code inside other Facebook groups or on my own social channels? 

Yes, more the merrier. 

Can I send an email to all my friends with the link and code? 

Yes, everyone likes to learn about great software solutions and deals! 

If I refer someone who joins under an MLS or a partner program, do I still get the referral fee?

        No, referral fees are only applied to Pro or Pro Plus plans.  Not MLS or partner programs.

How can I track the status of my referrals? 

As a LionDesk active member, you can track the status on the bottom of the Refer a Friend page inside your LionDesk account. 

When will I receive my referral commission money?

Your referral commission will be paid out on a monthly basis.  You will receive an email from PayPal with the subject line "Notification of payment received" to deposit your commission. 

Do I receive a referral commission for additional purchases after the referral sign up?

The 10% referral commission is paid out for the first 12-months of the referred person service and applies to monthly and annual subscriptions.

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