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Get Started with LionDesk! 

Are you new to LionDesk and don't know where to get started?

Join us at our LIVE webinar series that will make you a pro. With a variety of times offered, you can learn all about LionDesk at your own pace. Click on the links below to register for each session:

Session 1: Stay Top of MindClick here to register!

Session 2: First Steps to SuccessClick here to register!

Session 3: Automate your BusinessClick here to register!

Note: Invites are unique. All participants must register.  


This 3-part webinar series will show how LionDesk can help you automate your communication and workflow to stay top of mind with your contacts. Spend less time wondering who and when to follow up with and more time closing deals.  

Session 1: Stay Top of Mind: ​​​​​​​In this session, you will learn the features and benefits of LionDesk and how it can help you grow your business by implementing tactics that ensure you are staying top of mind.
   -  Customizable Daily Vitals 
   -  Saved Contact Filters
   -  Bulk Actions 
   -  Drip Campaigns

Session 2: First Steps to Success: Take the first step to success and set up your LionDesk account. In this session, you will learn how to complete your profile, upload your contacts, and connect with your contacts. Taking the time to learn the basics will set you up for success with LionDesk. 

   -  Complete Profile 
   -  Upload Contacts
   -  Filter Contacts  
   -  Bulk Actions   

​​​​​​​Session 3: Automate Your Business: Save time by automating your communication and workflow in LionDesk. In this session, you will learn how to automate your emails, text messages, and task reminders for your marketing campaigns and transaction follow-ups. Spend less time wondering who and when to follow up with and more time closing deals. 

   -  Shared Campaign Library 
   -  Automated Drip Campaigns
   -  Text-2-Sell Short Code  
   -  Transaction  Management



Weekly Office Hours Q&A!

Join us every Thursday at 10 am PST, as a Live LionDesk representative will be available to answer your most pressing LionDesk questions.  

LionDesk Office Hours


Missed the previous Office Hours?

LionDesk has you covered. We have recorded all Office Hours and created a playlist so you can view them at any time! Click on the link below to view the playlist. 

Office Hours Playlist


Pre-Recorded Webinars

We have three webinars, each covering a different component of the system, from setting up your profile, creating email/text templates, to connecting with Facebook and other lead sources. These webinars will guide you in becoming a pro with LionDesk. We recommend watching the 3 webinars in the following order;

  1. First Step to Success 
  2. Automate your Business 
  3. Streamline your Business  

First Step to Success

First Step to Success - you will learn all the ways you can tag and organize your contacts in LionDesk so you can easily create personalized email and text communication. The webinar will cover the following topics: 

  • Introduction
  • Profile
  • Contacts
  • Communications
  • Settings


Automate your Business 


Automate your Business - you will learn all the ways you can automate your marketing and work flow so you can spend less time wondering who to follow up with and more time closing deals.  The webinar will cover the following topics: 

  • Marketing
  • Properties
  • Deals
  • Reporting


Streamline your Business


Streamline your Business - you will learn how to integrate and distribute leads from other platforms with LionDesk, making LionDesk the central hub of your tech-stack. In this webinar we will cover the following:

  • Lead Integration
  • Zapier
  • Lead Distribution
  • Teams






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