How to Upload Your Contacts

Before you upload you want to organize the contacts in a CSV file.  

LionDesk allows you to upload 1,000 contacts at a time and include up to 26 columns (including custom fields!)

This video covers how to organize your CSV file:

Here is a CSV file with sample data to add your contacts to.  Here are some quick tips:

  • Add yourself as a contact (great for testing emails/texts before sending to mass)
  • Separate first name from last name (allows “Hi [name]” personalization)
  • Delete any duplicates and fix misspellings in CSV
  • Add tags and custom fields in CSV before uploading (ex: buyer, seller, past client, etc)

Now let's upload your contacts:

1- Click on "Welcome, {your name}" located on your top right-hand corner, then click "Profile" from the dropdown menu

2- Click on the button "Import New Contacts"

  • 1- Import file MUST be saved as a CSV format
  • 2- MAX count of rows would be 1,000 (per import file)
  • 3- MAX count of columns would be 26 (columns A through Z) (per import file)
  • 4- Each column should include unique, single values and special characters should be removed.
  • 5- To import multiple tags, include all tags within one column. Separate each tag with a comma
  • 6- LionDesk field "Contact Status" will only accept values of New, Active, Prospecting, Closed/Inactive, or Future
  • 7- LionDesk fields can only be selected once (Exception is notes)
  • 8- LionDesk field "Notes" can be multiple times
  • 9- Columns that are not found as LionDesk fields can be imported as notes
  • 10- Any custom field created can also be used for import 

** Reminder: There must be a "first name" field for contacts to import.

3- Click "Choose File" to find the import file on your desktop 

4- Select your file and then click on "Open" 

5- Click "Continue to Step 2" 

6- On the right hand side, you will be able to see all of your file's columns and match them to the fields available in LionDesk. 

  • Match up your fields – “First Name” to “First Name”; “Last Name” to “Last Name” ; “Email” to “Email”, and so forth

NOTE: You must select a value for each column otherwise, no information from that column will be imported. a list of all the LionDesk fields available for import (Any custom fields are also importable, not listed below. Custom fields are user account specific.)

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Secondary Email
Mobile Phone
Home Phone
Office Phone

Contact Type
Contact Status
Spouse Name (first and last)
Spouse Email
Spouse Phone
Spouse Birthday
Date Created            

Home Address Line1
Home Address Line2
Home City
Home State
Home Zip
Office Address Line 1
Office Address Line 2
Office City
Office State
Office Zip    

For a sample import file, please click on the attachment file "Import Sample" at the bottom of the article.

Sample File.

7- At the bottom of your file mapping, click on "Import All Data"

8- Give it a 90 seconds and your contacts will now be in your Contacts tab! Congrats! You are a real PRO

Syncing Your Google Contacts

1- Make sure your LionDesk account is connected to your Google account.

2- Click on "Import Google Contacts"

3- A new window will appear that gives you the option to select how you want your contacts synced

4- If you are syncing for the very first time: Select 'One Time Sync'.

  • Select either 'One-Way', or 'Two-Way'
    One-Way= information will be pulled from Google and displayed in LionDesk
    Two- Way= any updates within LionDesk for a Google contact will be pushed back into Google
  • Use the dropdown for the Google Contact Groups you would like to import into LionDesk
  • Select New, All, or From Date
    If New, then only contacts from here on forward will be imported.
    All = every contact in your groups selected
    From Date = contacts that were created in google after that particular date
  • Click "Run Manual Sync Now" to begin your sync

5- Once you have synced once, you can setup a recurring sync that will run 4 times a day

  • Select 'Set Automatic Sync'
  • Select 'One-Way', or 'Two-Way'
  • Choose your groups you wish to pull from Google
  • Click "Run Manual Sync Now"

6- You're all done. Painless, right? Please check your contacts page to see if contacts were successfully added


*Note: Google sync will include the following fields - Name, email address, mobile phone, office phone, home phone, address





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